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You don’t have time to waste on marketing that doesn’t get results.


Please complete this form as best you can. We’ll process this information along with any data we can gather about your company online and give you some ideas of what you can do to improve your brand, both online and offline.

    What marketing tactics from the following list have you tried before? (check all that apply)

    WebsiteBusiness Essentials*BloggingSEOOnline AdsPrint Ads
    Direct Mail/PostcardsPress ReleasesVideo/YouTubeSocial MediaEvents/Trade ShowsPublic Speaking
    Training/SeminarsWebinarsEmail MarketingSponsorshipsOther**

    *Business Essentials include your logo, business cards, postcards, stationary, folders, brochures, flyers, catalogs, sell sheets, trade show displays, menus

    **Other: List any other marketing activities not included in the above list:

    In your opinion, which of the above marketing tactics produced the best results?

    Marketing Goals: Check all that apply to your business:

    I need a website createdI want to improve my current websiteI would like to get my website to page 1 of GoogleI would like more traffic, customers, and revenueI would like my existing customers to buy or spend moreI need help setting up social media profiles for my business
    I need help managing and engaging an audience on social mediaI have a list of my customers' email addressesI want my website to attract local clientsI want my website to attract national clientsMy logo needs a refresh

    Marketing Beliefs: Select the statements that you relate to the most:

    I believe marketing is an ongoing process that my business needs to grow.I believe marketing is something you do when you need an immediate boost in sales.I have a few marketing projects I'd like to try but don't have time to do them myself.As the business owner, I need to be involved in the marketing process even if I'm working with a marketing professional.I don't want to be involved in the marketing planning process, I just want it done for me.

    My business has a mission statement.


    I know who my ideal customers are.


    I know who my primary competitors are and how I'm different from them.


    I know how much each new customer is worth to me in dollars.


    Provide any additional information regarding your business that you feel may be helpful.

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