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What Are Other SEO-Boosting Profiles?

Aside from the big players (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), there are hundreds more profile sites that offer search engine boosts for your business.

A short list includes sites like about.me, meetup.com* (which requires a $5/month sponsorship subscription in order to reap an SEO benefit), dailymotion.com, vimeo.com, visualcv.com, worky.com, wikidweb.com, slideshare.com, pearltrees.com and more. These profiles are quicker to setup than the larger profile sites and generally don’t require any custom banner design.

When ordering SEO Boosting Profiles, we recommend adding 5 at a time to make a bigger rankings impact. Once you place an order, we’ll review what profiles you already have in place and create profiles on sites that will have the biggest impact on your business.

What's in the SEO 5 Pack?

Any of the non-major social profiles, hand-picked by our team after conducting your “What’s Missing?” profile review. If you have specific profiles you’d like created, please list them on the PayPal checkout page under “Add special instructions to the seller.”

What's in the Big 9 Pack?

All the major social profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress.com and Blogger. This is a great place to start if you haven’t created any of your social profiles yet and want to get started on the right “digital foot!”

Why does meetup.com* have an asterisk?

Meetup.com requires a $5/month sponsorship subscription in order to reap any real SEO benefit. Otherwise, you can start or join a meetup group, but you won’t have the opportunity to include your website URL in a “link juice passing” way.

Can I list what Other SEO-Boosting Profiles I want created?

Sure! If the profiles you want created aren’t in the dropdown list, choose “Other.” On the PayPal checkout page, there will be an option to “Add special instructions to the seller.” Click that and enter notes about what specific profiles you want created. paypal-notes-screenshot

We’ll start creating your custom profiles right away! If we have any questions about the profile sites you’ve chosen, we’ll contact you before we get started.

Do you create these profiles for me?

Yes. We will create your requested profiles from scratch and provide you with the profile login credentials if you ever need to make an update.

If you’ve already created some of these profiles we’d be happy to have a look and see what you can do to make them more search engine friendly. In order to make changes on your behalf on existing pages, we will need to be added as a page administrator.

I don't know what profiles to choose.

If you have any questions about which profiles to choose, just send us an email and ask for our advice. We’ll be happy to conduct a free review of your existing social profiles and make recommendations for you.

Will these profiles rank me #1 in Google?

Setting up links to your website from high-authority social profile pages will help to rank your website in Google, but setting up these profiles on their own won’t normally land you at a #1 spot for your chosen keyword.

The purpose of creating these social profiles is twofold:

  1. To establish high-authority links back to your website in a natural way, giving your site some inbound links should you choose to publish content to these properties. From an SEO strategy perspective, you create these Web 2.0 properties first and then build links to these properties which then pass link juice back to your site.
  2. To generate more web properties related to your business that have a chance on their own to rank in Google and on their respective profile sites.

Many times, someone will conduct a search for a local business within Yelp, not Google (ex: auto repair Wausau, WI). If you don’t have a Yelp profile setup, you won’t be found. Another benefit of creating optimized social profiles is that those profile pages do have a chance to show up on their own in Google search results, resulting in increased visibility in search results (ie: more leads for you).

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